NJStar Chinese WP

NJStar Chinese WP 6.10

Word processor software, designed for both Chinese and English languages

NJStar Chinese WP is an advanced word processor that can be used both in Chinese and in English. Chinese WP interface, and most of its features, is quite similar to that of Microsoft Office Word. The main difference being that with Chinese WP we have the possibility to learn and teach the Chinese language. We can switch the program from the learning mode to standard mode. If the learning Mode is selected, it is possible to enable/disable popup dictionary, dictionary, word annotation, English Spelling Check, Hanzi Info, Hanzi to Pinyin, Glossary and Study List, Radical and other IMEs. We can also set up pinyin rules. As well as the usual true type fonts, we can find six Traditional Chinese true type fonts, and four Simplified Chinese true type fonts. This application also features a case-sensitive Chinese popup dictionary, and an interactive Chinese-English, English-Chinese dictionary, where we can enter a word in Chinese, in Pinyin or in English. The results will be displayed, and we can select one/all the words to be added to our Learning List, or to the word processor current page. We can insert images and Chinese text files. There are a few sample pages containing Chinese proverbs. It is possible to evaluate the free and fully featured trial version for a whole month. Chinese WP runs under the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2003, ME, XP, Vista, and Linux+WINE1.x.

Review summary


  • Excellent program, highly recommended for students/teachers of Chinese
  • Chinese/English word processor plus interactive dictionary
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface


  • None at all
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